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Two more bankruptcy preparers facing possible criminal contempt charges

Can Criminal Charges be Filed After a Loan is Discharged in Bankruptcy? Full Question: I borrowed 35000.00 Form a friend when i was 18 I filed brankruptcy 4 years later and was able to repay the loan.

What is a Show Cause Order in NC? 5/7/2015 8 Comments A Show Cause Order is a directive to appear in Court and prove why one should not be held in either civil or criminal contempt of Court. The most frequent reason for the issuance of a Show Cause Order involves allegations of failure to comply.

A bankruptcy petition preparer is any person or business, other than a lawyer or someone who works for a lawyer, that charges a fee to prepare bankruptcy documents. Under your direction and control, the bankruptcy petition preparer generates bankruptcy forms for you to file either by typing them or inputting information into a bankruptcy software program.

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Because jail time is a possible consequence, some states will afford a person an attorney to deal with a contempt charge when a judge is seriously considering jail time. Punishment for criminal contempt. criminal contempt punishments and consequences usually include either the payment of a fine or some period of confinement in the county jail.

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Criminal Contempt. For example, if the order is a "full stay away" order, then there can be no direct or indirect contact. If the order is a "limited" order, the court may permit contact as long as the contact is not of a threatening or harassing nature. A third option which is commonly seen, and is often issued,

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Two more bankruptcy preparers facing possible criminal contempt charges He’s been cited for contempt, ordered to repay clients, fined $1,000 and is facing possible criminal charges.. Two others have been ordered to appear in court this month to defend themselves against allegations of violating court rules.. per case, referred about a half.

House votes to hold Barr, Ross in criminal contempt Objections & Contempt of Court Knowing how and when to make an objection during a criminal trial is a learned skill. If the defense attorney fails to make timely and specific objections during the case, the defendant may have grounds for appealing his or her conviction due to errors made.

The business plan hasn’t gone well for Naugles. He’s been cited for contempt, ordered to repay clients, fined $1,000 and is facing possible criminal charges. Bankruptcy Petition Preparer Sentenced to Two Years in Prison for Contempt of Court.

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