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Homeowners Claim Bank of America Schemed to Steal Their Homes

Fed up with what they claim is a serious violation of their property rights — and sometimes outright theft — homeowners are fighting back. In the past five years, people in 31 states have filed more than 250 lawsuits against the six largest national companies that contract directly with banks to inspect and repair homes in some stage of.

Consumer complaints and reviews about FLM-Federal Loan Modification Law Center Irvine, California.. There were quite a few employees who lost their homes due to this whole mess. Some had to pawn their jewelry just to pay bills.. (not all) think that way either. When madoff mass schemed people, those wronged and all those who sympathize.

We’re still paying or HOA and insurance but no property taxes. We’re afraid if the bank takes out their own policy it’s going to make it even harder to eventually work out a deal if it comes to that. Our friend had the bank lower their principal to 110% of market value provided they pay all back taxes and everything. Something to keep in mind.

The Maduro government’s stance on this is completely logical: it won’t accept phony “aid” from the countries that are simultaneously stealing the government’s assets, sanctioning their industries and.

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YOU CAN’T TRUST THE mortgage paper trail “You Must Secure The Collateral/Custodial Files & All Electronic Entries In The Lender’s’ Accounting, Financial, & General Ledger Systems & Document Custodian’s Tracking System”

Slaying the Largest Homebuying Myths Today [INFOGRAPHIC] – Maggie Rose, Realtor, Presents South West Florida Luxury Homes Slaying the Largest Homebuying Myths Today [INFOGRAPHIC] – Maggie Rose, Realtor, Presents South West Florida Luxury Homes In a real estate market where home prices are rising, many have begun to reexamine the idea of buying a home, choosing instead, to rent for a while. But often, there is a dilemma: should you keep paying rent, knowing that rent is rising too, or should you lock in your housing cost and buy [.]

Thomas and Abbie got into financial trouble when the mortgage on their New Castle County home was sold to Bank of America in 2013.. lost homes feel forgotten in foreclosure settlements. Homes.

Bank of America Mailing Address, Contact Info, Emails. Thread starter Moe Bedard; Start date Aug 12. I do agree that mortgage servciers are committing fraud on a massive scale right now by simply lying to homeowners about loan mods for their financial gain. This is fraud 101, but only can be.

Whether or not your bank has a nice little section on their website regarding the “Hope for Homeowners Act”, or some warm hearted story about how they’re helping millions of homeowners avoide foreclosure and stay in their homes, be sure you know this. The bank.

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