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Fixtures Legal Definition

When a commercial tenant vacates the commercial property that he has been leasing, he can remove all of his personal property and some "trade fixtures" that were located on the the premises. trade fixtures are removable personal property that a tenant attaches to leased land for business purposes, such as a display counter.

Definition of FIXTURE: 1. A fixture is a personal chattel substantially affixed to the land, but which may afterwards be lawfully removed therefrom by the party affixing it, or The Law Dictionary Featuring Black’s Law dictionary free online legal dictionary 2nd Ed.

Awnings, bookcases, lighting, plumbing, etc., that are attached to a real property in a manner that (in view of law) it becomes a part of that property. Fixtures are sold and transferred with the real property, even if they are not mentioned in the deed.

There is no legal definition of what constitutes fixtures and what constitutes fittings, however, it is generally considered that ‘fixtures’ are items that are secured or bolted to the walls or floor and ‘fittings’ are free standing items. Here is a list of some common fixtures and fittings:

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Trade fixtures definition: fixtures created during the course of a commercial lease and which revert to the tenant at the end of the lease if removable without damage. A distinct variety of fixtures which benefit from a common law rule that, if.

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Fixture Law and Legal Definition A fixture is an item of personal property attached permanently to real estate, such as drapery rods, toilets, wet bar, or other items which could damage the premises by their removal. The following is an example of a state statute defining a fixture: 70-15-103.

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