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Amazon Echo vs Google Home – Both of these smart speakers are now ridiculously cheap – The Florida Post

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Amazon Echo Show. Echo Show with its screen display may be your best (and only) option for now, if you’re looking for a smart speaker that comes with a screen. With Echo Show, you can read recipes, watch videos and see song lyrics as music is playing from one of Amazon’s music services.

Now you can use the Google Home speaker to control smart home products that use the commonly used automation standards. Google Home is Better at Multimedia You can use both the Amazon Echo and the Google Home to play your favorite music from Spotify and other popular streaming services .

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As you would expect from two of the biggest names in tech, the Amazon Echo and the Google Home are both very polished smart speakers, and neither would look out of place in your home.

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Google Home vs Amazon Echo – Design. Both the Amazon Echo and Google Home are voice-controlled speakers, which you can shout at without using your hands. While Google used to win the design battle, the second-generation amazon echo ups the stakes. Whereas the first Echo was a little basic and industrial looking,

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Google’s smart speaker range is a touch smaller than Amazon’s, with just the three Google Home speakers to choose from. At this stage, none feature screens either (though these are in the works, both in house and with third-party manufacturers looking to work with Google Assistant), so it’s a pure audio experience with Google at this time.

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The experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute compare the Google Home to the Amazon Echo and give you all the info you need to decide which is the best smart speaker for your family.

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